4 Corners Festival Set To Make Belfast A City Where Dreams Become Reality

Reverend Dr Inderjit Bhogal OBE to share his dream of a better world

This year’s 4 Corners Festival will conclude with a talk hosted by Rev Dr Inderjit Bhogal OBE entitled The City Where Dreams Become Reality.

The festival that includes a eight day long programme of music, art, sport and religious-based discussions until February 5 will also be streamed online across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The City Where Dreams Become Reality aims to bring forth a vision from near the end of the Biblical scriptures (Revelation 21-22), that of a new holy, beautiful city where God dwells among the people, all tears are wiped away and the reign of pain and death has passed away.

The founder and president of the City of Sanctuary movement, Rev Inderjit Bhogal will delve into the idea of this dream coming to fruition in reality, sharing his own hopes, dreams and experiences.

Having supported the 4 Corners Festival since it began in 2013, Rev Bhogal is very much looking forward to having a deeper involvement, expressing his joy at being approached to speak as part of the various events.

He said: “I have been a supporter of 4 Corners from the beginning, and did attend one of the earliest events in Fitzroy. I am honoured to be invited to participate as a speaker this year.”

The premise of 4 Corners Festival is to unite individuals from all communities seen both within Belfast and the wider world is a sentiment that resonates with Reverend Bhogal and is one of the main reasons he is taking part as a speaker.

He added: “I liked the idea of bringing people from all sides together to celebrate commonalities and share differences.”

This year’s residing theme for 4 Corners Festival is ‘Dreams…A Vision for Belfast’, one which perfectly encapsulates the topic of the Reverend’s talk and personal beliefs.

He expressed that his dream was for everyone to be respectful of each other and work in conjunction to achieve a tranquil, harmonious life for all.

“The best dreams don’t become a reality, they begin in reality. I dream of a world where all people, of all backgrounds, engage in respectful conversation and work together to build a better world where all belong and benefit equally, where people acknowledge and honour and celebrate differences without demeaning or denigrating anyone, where all are at the table and no one is excluded or neglected,” he explained.

The talk itself will cover a handful of different topics, with Reverend Inderjit explaining what people can expect from his talk, which will be available both in-person and online.

He said: “I will share a few thoughts on the theme of Dreams becoming a reality. I will share the story of City of Sanctuary within the context of migration, movement and refugees. I will acknowledge the good work of Belfast City of Sanctuary, and encourage wider support. I will share my dream of a better world.”

Accompanying the final event will be a Concentio directed by Jonny Ireland.

The City Where Dreams Become Reality featuring Rev. Dr. Inderjit Bhogal OBE will be held at St John’s Parish, 444 Falls Road, Belfast at 7pm on Sunday, February 5.

A full programme for the festival and booking information can be found at 4cornersfestival.com

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