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Commitment and Evolution

At the heart of the 4 Corners Festival lies a profound commitment to building relationships and fostering peace within the vibrant city of Belfast.

Established in 2013, the festival has evolved into a dynamic platform that champions the transformative power of human connections.

Mission and Emphasis

In a journey that is composed of peacemaking and peace building, there is a distinct focus on the latter as we bring people together to nurture enduring bonds that radiate harmony.

With a strong emphasis on relationships, 4 Corners Festival believes that genuine understanding and lasting peace can only be cultivated through meaningful interactions.

Catalyst for Camaraderie

The 4 Corners Festival stands as a catalyst, igniting the spirit of camaraderie and encouraging individuals to engage, connect, and invest time in one another. It’s a journey that goes beyond the surface, transcending boundaries and forging connections that ripple positivity throughout our community.

Challenging Perceptions

An integral facet of the 4 Corners Festival is its unwavering commitment to challenging prevailing mindsets and reshaping perceptions about our city and its inhabitants.

Our successes are measured by the individuals who traverse uncharted territories, setting foot in places they’ve never been before across Belfast.

Exploration and Discovery

Stepping into new spaces, exploring diverse corners of the city, and discovering the hidden beauty and worth within unfamiliar environments – these experiences have the power to reframe perspectives and promote unity.

For those who have yet to experience the 4 Corners Festival, the week-long experience is complete with a variety of events interwoven with humour, friendship, and discovery.

Building Relationships

It’s a journey that unfolds through a series of gatherings, with every moment designed to spark conversations and cultivate connections.

From thought-provoking discussions that challenge preconceived notions to heartwarming interactions that extend beyond the festival’s boundaries, each encounter is a stepping stone toward building new relationships.

Faith and Principles

While faith is undeniably a driving force behind the 4 Corners Festival, we approach our mission with openness and respect for individuals from all walks of life.

The festival’s organising committee comprises individuals rooted in faith, yet our endeavours are guided by a universal commitment to embodying the principles of love, understanding, and peace.

Director's Vision

“The 4 Corners Festival is an embodiment of the change we wish to see in Belfast - a manifestation of the gospel’s teachings in action. We believe in embracing our shared humanity, fostering connections, and creating a space where meaningful conversations can flourish. With each festival we set forth on a journey toward transforming hearts, bridging divides, and leaving a lasting mark of positivity on our city. Welcome to the 4 Corners Festival: where relationships are nurtured, perceptions are challenged, and unity is celebrated.”
Fr Martin Magill

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