Soothing Breath

This booklet will help you to take a moment for yourself. You matter significantly and deserve some time just for you. As Siobhan O’Neill says:

Courageous Conversations

True radical self care is difficult and challenging.

It is about nurturing our soul, and having the courage to take those steps that will lead to the change that we need to thrive.

Everyone benefits when we speak our truth. It is harder to accept that our truths may result in discomfort to others. We must always be kind and choose our battles, and words, carefully.

The ability to manage difficult conversations and tolerate awkwardness is a skill that we should develop, so that we can live authentic lives.

Most of us are not there yet. We struggle with change and we fear the pain that we might cause.

Start with baby steps, select something small, take a deep breath, speak your truth.


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