Catch Your Breath

Life is an interesting and wonderful adventure. And everyone’s adventure is different.

One thing that will be similar is that at some stage our adventure will have twists and turns on the way. It can be a small bump in the room – an everyday challenge e.g. being late for school or forgetting your lunch or it can be a major event with a bigger impact; having your exams cancelled in a pandemic, a serious accident or losing a family member or friend.

Just as everyone’s life is different, so too is the way we react. When we adapt to life changing moments it is our resilience that is at work.

Some people talk about resilience as our ability to bounce back – but it is much more than that as it is also a time for personal growth. We will all face difficult and painful moments in life. Resilience helps us to get through these moments, to adapt, to grow and to lead the wonderful lives that are available to us – lives that are full of hope.

So what can help us build our resilience?

Paula McKeown and Jim Deeds have created these video resources that can be used with children in P7 and young people aged 15-18.

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