Discovering Jesus In The Other: Challenging The Myth Of Otherness Book Launch And Meet The Authors: Alan Abernethy and Jim Deeds

About This Event

On a warm evening on April 2021, Jim was launching one of his previous books in Clonard monastery, just off the Falls Road in Belfast. Having been friends for many years up to that point, Jim invited Alan to be there to share this moment with him. Alan gladly accepted and returned to Clonard, a place where he had prayed, met with friends and attended meetings many times over the years. At the end of the book launch, Alan came up to Jim and, giving him a congratulatory hug, whispered in his ear, ‘you and I are going to write a book brother’. Captured by his enthusiasm, Jim simply replied, ‘ok, let’s do it!’ 


What ensued was many meetings, usually including a walk in places that meant something to them on their faith journey. They walked up the Falls Road and down the Shankill. They prayed in Clonard Monastery and St Anne’s Cathedral. They drank coffee and listened to each other. And in that listening, they listened for the nudges of the Holy Spirit. This book is a product of some of those nudges. 


Alan and Jim recount their experience at different stages of their life and faith journey in the context of “The Troubles’ and a divided community. In all of these states they attempt to remember the gentle nudges of the Spirit as they moved from their own sectarian background to a growing awareness of the oneness of all people.

Join Alan and Jim to launch their book and to hear them discuss how the process of writing the book helped them to challenge the myth of otherness. Music will be provided by Beki Hemingway and Randy Kerkman.


7:30 PM - Monday 5th February 2024
Agape Centre, 236-266 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 6GF

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